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Hawaii Private Jet Charter Through JetOptions – Charter Private Jet to/from the Hawaiian Islands

August 28th, 2015

JetOptions specializes in Hawaii Private Jet Charter. Hawaii is one of our clients’ favorite destinations. We charter private aircraft, private jets, executive jets, business jets and corporate jets to all major airports in Hawaii:

• Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)

• Maui Kahului Airport (PHOG)

• Kona International Airport (PHKO)

• Kauai Lihue Airport (PHLI)

• Lanai Airport (PHNY)

Charter Citation X to Hawaii

Due to the distance, you’ll need a super mid size jet or a heavy jet because these aircraft have the range to make it from the west or east coast to Hawaii (about 2,200 to 4,500 nm). We also have ultra long range aircraft that can make the trip to Hawaii nonstop from anywhere in the world.

For a more comprehensive list of the aircraft you can charter to Hawaii, click here and look at the super mid and heavy jets we offer. Here are examples of some of the private jets you can charter from JetOptions to Hawaii:


Super Mid Jet to Hawaii: Citation X 

Charter a Citation X to Hawaii through JetOptions

Passenger Capacity 8 Baggage Capacity 82 cu. ft.
Airspeed (mph) 525 Range 2890
Cabin Width 5.6 Cabin Height 5.7
Cabin Length 23.7 Lavatory Style Enclosed


Heavy Jet to Hawaii: Falcon 900EX

Charter a Falcon 900EX to Hawaii from JetOptions

Passenger Capacity 12 Baggage Capacity 127 cu. ft.
Airspeed (mph) 482 Range 4500
Cabin Width 7.7 Cabin Height 6.2
Cabin Length 39 Lavatory Style Full


Ultra long range jet to Hawaii: Global 6000

Charter a Global 6000 to Hawaii

Passenger Capacity 13 to 19 Baggage Capacity 195 cu. ft.
Airspeed (mph) 511 knots Range 6055 nm
Cabin Width 8.17 ft. Cabin Height 6.25 ft.
Cabin Length 48.35 ft. Lavatory Style Enclosed with standing shower


JetOptions knows that the four legged members of your family enjoy travelling as well. We have private aircraft that will allow the whole family to travel to the Hawaiian Islands in comfort together and stress-free. And you don’t have to leave your pets at home since our aircraft are pet friendly.

We have locally based aircraft, transient aircraft, and floating private jets available for charter at all times. We offer highly competitive rates on private jet charters to Hawaii with the only the safest and best rated private jets. We also offer empty leg and true one way rates which are updated daily and you can find them here. So if you are planning to charter a private jet to travel to Hawaii, please call private jet charter specialist at 888-535-9538. You can also send us an email request to  or fill out a Hawaii private jet charter request form. We are available 24/7/365.

Private Jet Travel Not Just For CEOs, Perks of Private Jet Travel, Dassault Falcon 5X, BizAv Outlook

August 27th, 2015

Private Jet Travel Is Not Just For CEOs

Business travel has traditionally been defined by a professional traveling to meetings out of town via rental car or boarding a commercial plane traversing and oftentimes needing additional services such as a rental vehicle or a hotel room.

Companies are now looking to private jets to cart professionals from city-to-city to keep business in operation.

Companies that fly privately regard time as their most valuable commodity

“There is a misconception that private air travel is mostly used by CEOs. Businesses rely on middle management to travel and make face-to-face contact with clients to build business,” said Bart Giesler, a spokesperson for the Aviation Association of Indiana.

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The Many Perks of Private Jet Travel

Flying on private jets has always seemed like a fabulous way to travel.

With the lack of overbearing security, absence of long lines to board the plane, ultra comfy seats and private cabin – it’s definitely a great way to fly if you can afford it.

Private jet travel

It’s an observation so obvious it practically seems silly right?

But as it turns out there’s even more reason to be envious of the private jet set – and that reason is the exclusive perks. Or as they’re referred to by many in the industry – the strategic partnerships.

Those partnerships provide private jet customers with a long list of cushy benefits above and beyond the actual flying experience, including such things as VIP access to concerts and sporting events, free nights at some of the world’s top resorts, exclusive shopping opportunities at leading jewelers and fashion houses, complimentary meals and spa treatments and the ability to rub elbows with celebrities at specially curated members-only events.

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Dassault Falcon 5X One of the Coolest Things in the World: GQ

GQ Magazine’s 9 coolest things in the world this week named the Falcon 5X. The newest private jet from Dassault Falcon, the 5X sacrifices a bit of range for a lot of comfort. With the largest fuselage diameter and cabin volume of any Falcon, it boasts a cabin with a 6 foot 6 inch tall height. It does have a slightly lower range compared to the range-topping Falcon 7X, but thanks to the lowest fuel consumption in its category you’re only 700 nautical miles short. It’ll still get you to Tokyo or LA in one hop, and you’ll have never felt more relaxed getting there.

Dassault Falcon 5X

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Midyear Numbers Reflect Generally Positive Outlook for Business Aviation

After a slow start to 2015, business aviation’s prospects seem to have improved by midyear, according to several industry indicators.

Shipments of new general aviation aircraft improved in the second quarter; late-model, pre-owned business aircraft are selling more quickly, and at higher asking prices; and business flight activity continues to increase.

Midyear Numbers Reflect Generally Positive Outlook for Business Aviation

ARGUS TRAQPak, which tracks IFR business flights, reports that the 5.6-percent increase in activity during July is the highest level of monthly flight activity since February 2012. In its year-to-year July 2014 and 2015 comparisons, all categories of aircraft operations posted positive gains. Turboprops headed the list at 7.6-percent growth, followed by large-cabin business jets at 7 percent, with small and mid-size business jets at 4.9 and 3.2 percent, respectively.

ARGUS estimates that this upward trend in flight activity will continue, with an overall four-percent increase forecast for August.

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Labor Day Is Just Around The Corner! Book Your Private Jet Charter Getaway Today

August 26th, 2015

Private jets sunsets jetoptions
The sun is setting on the summer of 2015 and Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. The holiday is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to book a Labor Day trip so you can enjoy one last great summer weekend.
Air travel is expected to be very popular this year during Labor Day weekend: more than 14 million people are expected to fly during the seven-day Labor Day travel period, according to Airlines for America. Avoid all the hassles that commercial air travel entails and contact us to book your private jet charter trip.
“We’re not trying to be the largest charter company. Instead, we aim for excellence and to love the select clients we serve!” 

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JetOptions Showcases Selected Private Aircraft for Sale August 25th 2015

August 25th, 2015

Featured Private Aircraft for Sale August 25th, 2015:

This is our weekly installment of selected private aircraft for sale from our friends at They are celebrating their 20th  anniversary this year. Since 1995 GlobalAir has been the world’s leader in listing aircraft for sale. Their goal is to connect aircraft sellers and buyers and to allow them to find, showcase and sell their aircraft not only locally but to a worldwide market. Some of our aircraft charter clients that decided to purchase an aircraft used as a research tool and found it informative and easy to use. Because of the feedback from our clients, JetOptions is featuring them on our website as a resource we recommend. They provide a great experience whether you are listing or looking to purchase a private aircraft. At you will find a large variety of private aircraft for sale, wanted aircraft, as well as leasing opportunities. On a weekly basis we showcase a selection of some of the private aircraft they have currently available online. Finding an aircraft for sale on can be done quickly and with ease by using the many different search features they offer. You can search by aircraft broker, aircraft manufacturer, and aircraft classification. They also offer the ability to compare aircraft for sale side by side. Whether you are buying or selling a private aircraft, is the place to start.

If you want to take a similar aircraft for a spin before you buy, you can also charter all of the business jets you see below from JetOptions.

The private aircraft for sale we are featuring this week: 1997 Hawker 800XP, 2007 Learjet 45, 1996 Citation X, 2004 Falcon 50EX, and 1998 Beechjet 400A:


Hawker 800XP For Sale
Hawker 800XP For SaleHawker 800XP For Sale

1997 Hawker 800XP

SN: 258324

  • Brought to you by Guardian Jet, LLC
  • Beautiful eight passenger configuration features a forward 4-place clubs and an aft divan facing single seat.
  • Two Owners Since New; Operated Part 135
  • Engines on MSP Gold, APU on MSP, Avionics on Collins CASP
  • B/E/F Inspections and APU Overhaul completed
  • Charter Hawker 800XP from JetOptions

Learjet 45 For Sale
Learjet 45 For SaleLearjet 45 For Sale

2007 Learjet 45

SN: 328

  • Brought to you by Affinity Aviation Group LTD
  • Double club 4 configuration in beautiful cream leather
  • EASA registered it is one of the best examples on the market
  • Cabin Video System-Single DVD; Airshow 410
  • 10.4 inch Forward Video Monitor
  • MSP on the engines and APU, recent MPI completed
  • Charter Learjet 45 from JetOptions

Citation X For Sale
Citation X For SaleCitation X For Sale

1996 Citation X

SN: 750-0011

  • Brought to you by Jeteffect, Inc
  • Eight passenger executive interior consisting of double 4-place club seats and four pull out tables.
  • 7610 Hours; Engines on RRCC
  • Recent Doc 11 Insp
  • New Paint July 2015
  • Aircell ATG-5000 GoGo Biz Internet
  • Charter Citation X from JetOptions

Falcon 50EX For Sale
Falxon 50EX For SaleFalcon 50EX For Sale

2004 Falcon 50EX

SN: 366

  • Brought to you by Guardian Jet, LLC
  • Original interior! Beautifully maintained 9 passenger executive interior
  • One Fortune 50 Owner Since New, FAR 91 operated
  • Go-Go Biz ATG 5000 High Speed Data; Cabin Wi-Fi
  • Airshow 400
  • Dual Davtron M877 cockpit clocks; Cockpit Jumpseat
  • Charter Falcon 50 from JetOptions

Beechjet 400A For Sale
Beechjet 400A For SaleBeechjet 400A For Sale

1998 Beechjet 400A

SN: RK-207

  • Brought to you by Million Air Dallas
  • Center-Club, featuring seven cabin seats overall and an 8th canted lav seat
  • Cabin seating for seven passengers
  • Thrust Reversers; Freon Air Conditioning
  • Custom Interior and Exterior in 2013
  • Charter Beechjet 400A from JetOptions

Five Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Private Jet Trip

August 24th, 2015

What questions should you be asking before chartering your next private jet? Here are 5 must ask questions:

Many will agree that flying private trumps flying with commercial airlines in virtually every way. You have peace and quiet, you’re catered to for all of your needs, and you’ll have less hassle to deal with along the way. Booking a private jet for your next trip is an exciting outlook.

However, before you jump into the booking process, be sure to ask some questions to make sure that your private jet charter company has you covered in the best ways possible. By taking care of the details in advance, you can save yourself and the rest of your party a major headache, as well as look out for your own safety. Take a look at 5 questions to ask before you book.

  1. Is the Flight Properly Insured?

Without a doubt, any reputable charter company will have the details of aviation insurance all planned out well before you’re en route. However, to ensure peace of mind for you and the crew, don’t feel uncomfortable when it comes to asking some important questions.

Covered by aviation insurance

Ask about the insurance limits on the chartered aircraft and whether the policy covers single limit, property damage liability, and bodily injury to passengers. Ask if each of the passengers joining is listed on the policy as “additionally insured,” to ensure that each traveler is covered throughout the entire flight duration.

  1. Has the Company Planned for “Surprises?”

Some private jet charter companies have unknowingly walked into a nightmare when things don’t go according to plan. For example, many international airports have strict curfews and after-hours procedures. If you change your flight time or are late, will everything still be taken care of? Additionally, duty time issues for crew members can create road bumps in unexpected scenarios. Overall, it’s best to ensure that the unexpected is always expected.

  1. Who Is My Point of Contact?

One of the benefits of the private jet charter experience is that you should have one point of contact throughout your process. This individual will plan the itinerary and make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Not only does this save the hassle of dealing with too many people and details to keep track of, but it also ensures that there’s one person who knows your trip inside and out to make sure you’re fully accommodated.

One point of contact JetOptions

  1. Is In-Hangar Boarding Available?

For high-profile travelers who want to stay under the radar, ask if you have the option of in-hangar boarding. This is a truly private boarding option that’s safe from the prying eyes – and camera lenses – of the paparazzi and other nosy individuals. In-hangar boarding is an option that’s available at many private airports with advanced notice.

In hangar boarding

American Airlines, Cuba Travel Services Announce New Charter Service Between Los Angeles And Havana + MORE Aug 21st

August 22nd, 2015
Virgin Australia has launched its new Airbus A330 Business Class suites. Find out what business travelers can expect.

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American Airlines and Cuba Travel Services plan to operate the first charter flights between Los Angeles International Airport and Jose Marti International Airport in Havana.

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The travel industry is taking ‘baby’ steps to accommodate the needs of nursing moms.


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Jet Aviation St. Louis sets Lineage first


Jet Aviation St. Louis is performing maintenance on three Embraer Lineage jets at the same time.
This is a first for the service centre. All three Lineages are based in North America, but have different owners.
ALSO READ: Jet Aviation St. Louis teams with SmartSky
“Jet Aviation St. Louis is the first and only independent service centre for Lineages in North America.”
Aaron Kreissler, sales director at St…

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Air travel was off to a relatively smooth start Monday morning, a change from weekend woes.


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The third European Corporate Flight Attendants Conference (ECFAC) will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 11 September 2015.
The conference is organised by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and is supported by On Air Dining.
ALSO READ: Dining on a private jet: Is catering an issue?Daniel Hulme is sponsoring the meeting and supporting a presentation by Richard Hardwick of UK-based Bespoke Beverages…

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The 20 most-popular aviation photo galleries published by USA TODAY Travel since 2014.


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FlightSafety’s second Gulfstream G280 simulator has been qualified to Level D status by the US FAA. Both simulators are located at FlightSafety’s learning centre in Dallas, Texas.
“FlightSafety is pleased and proud to support the growing number of Gulfstream aircraft owners and operators around the world.”
David Davenport, executive vice president at FlightSafety said: “FlightSafety is pleased and proud to support the growing number of Gulfstream aircraft owners and operators around the world…

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Qantas has announced its strongest profit since before the global financial crisis, a $505 million capital return to shareholders and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner order to start a new era for Qantas International. For the 12 months to June 20th, the Australian flag-carrier reported an underlying profit before tax of $975 million and a statutory profit before tax of $789 million.

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Qantas also announced it will take delivery of eight Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets from 2017.


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Joining the private jet set


Billionaires’ personal aircraft of choice, an adapted Boeing 757 is now offering next-level luxury on new private jet tours

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Gulfstream set to exhibit at CIBAS 2015


Gulfstream will display a G550 at the China International Business Aviation Show. The event will take place in September at Beijing International Airport.
Gulfstream G500 completes five test flights
Gulfstream say that the G550 is the ideal aircraft for people who travel in China.
“China has been a strong market for Gulfstream with more than 100 Gulfstream aircraft in the country. Beijing is especially important, because it is home to Gulfstream Beijing, our service center in the region…

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The flights, which will be sold by Cuba Travel Services, begin Dec. 12.


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After a slow start, the charter flight business is ?going well,? according to CEO Jeff Klee.

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ASL and JetNetherlands took delivery of a factory-new Dassault Falcon 2000LXS on on 7 August 2015.
The aircraft landed at Antwerp in Belgium on delivery from Dassault’s Little Rock Arkansas completion centre.
ALSO READ: ASL and JetNetherlands merge private jet operationsThe company will operate the aircraft on behalf of its owner but will also be available for commercial charter.
This is the second Falcon 2000 to be operated in the ASL-JetNetherlands Group, it joins a Falcon 2000EX model…

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Flexjet Accelerates Deliveries Of Gulfstream G450s, Gulfstream G280 Ailerons, Caravan Garmin Upgrade, Nextant Aerospace

August 21st, 2015

Caravan Gets Garmin Upgrade

Under Garmin’s AML STC, Mid-Canada Mod Center recently completed and placed back into service a full Garmin G600 cockpit and avionics mod to a Cessna 208 Caravan. The G600 suite  provides enhanced situational awareness with safety and pilot workload reduction. The dual-screen G600 pairs both a primary flight display (PFD) and a multi-function (MFD) display in a single 10-inch wide bezel.

Garmin G600 cockpit Cessna Caravan

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Flexjet Accelerates Deliveries Of Gulfstream G450s

Beginning To Exercise Order Options, Taking Steps to Expedite Delivery Of Entire Gulfstream Fleet

Flexjet has accelerated deliveries of the Gulfstream G450 business jets it has on order in response to what the fractional company says is heavy market demand. With the accelerated delivery schedule, six G450s will be flying in the Flexjet fleet by the end of this year.

Gulfstream G450

The G450 is part of an order Flexjet placed in October 2014 for up to 50 aircraft, also including the G500 and G650, from Gulfstream’s iconic line of business jets. Through its close partnership with Gulfstream, Flexjet will closely monitor demand and collaborate with the manufacturer to accelerate deliveries and exercise any of the additional 26 options whenever possible.

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Kaman Awarded Five-Year Contract Extension For G280 Gulfstream Program

Expected Value Of The Deal Is More Than $27 Million

Kaman Aerosystems’ UK operation has been successful in securing a five-year contract extension on the Gulfstream G280 program for the supply of ailerons and winglets to Triumph Aerostructures.

Gulfstream G280


This takes the period of program deliveries out to 2019 and firmly consolidates Kaman as a key supplier on the G280 program. The contract extension has an expected value of more than $27 million over the next 5 years.

Gulfstream G280

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A new idea for old platforms

Nextant Aerospace is a new type of company in the business aviation industry. Rather than spending a $1 billion to develop a new business jet from scratch, the company utilizes existing platforms and upgrades the engines, avionics and performance, creating a modern aircraft at a lower cost. The process is called remanufacturing.

Nextant 400Xti

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Nextant was founded in 2007 and is part of the Directional Capital family of companies. It currently offers a light jet and will soon offer turboprop aircraft.

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