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Top Business Aircraft Manufacturers and Their Production Models

March 4th, 2015

These are the major business aircraft manufacturers along with a brief description of each company and examples of the different models they produce (some of the models mentioned here are still in development). We’ve also made a short video that shows them all. In the future we will be describing each company in a much more in depth manner. Each major manufacturer and the different aircraft they have produced and are currently in production which will be shown separately in future postings.

You can charter airplanes from all of these top business aircraft manufacturers from JetOptions Private Jets.

Airbus Corporate Jets

Business aircraft in production: ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320, ACJ321, ACJ330, ACJ34, ACJ350 and ACJ380

Airbus ACJ 319

Airbus says it’s the comfort you want in the size you need. Airbus entered the business airliner market in 1997 with the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ), an executive version of its A319 airliner. Since then, Airbus has sold over 170 corporate jets worldwide. The company’s three single-aisle bizliners typically seat 19 to 50 passengers and are the ACJ318, ACJ319 and ACJ320. Airbus Corporate Jets plans to offer the “new-engine option” (neo) for the ACJ319 and ACJ320 beginning in 2018. For government and other customers requiring the ultimate in space and long-distance capability, Airbus also produces executive versions of its ACJ330, ACJ340, ACJ350 and ACJ380 widebody jetliners.

ACJ Airbus


Business aircraft in production: King Air C90GTx, 250, 350i

Beechcraft King Air 250

Beechcraft Corporation traces its roots back to 1937, when Walter Beech introduced the Model 18, arguably the first cabin-class, twin-engine business airplane. That effort morphed in 1964 into the twin-turboprop King Air model, which has since undergone multiple upgrades and remains in production to this day. Raytheon bought Beech in 1980, adding the Hawker business jet brand, and the company became Hawker Beechcraft. It emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2013 as the Beechcraft Corporation, which no longer produces a business jet and instead focuses exclusively on its turboprop line. In March 2014, Textron acquired Beechcraft, merging it with Cessna to create Textron Aviation.

Beechcraft logo

Boeing Business Jets

Business aircraft in production: BBJ1, BBJ2, BBJ3 and VVIP widebodies.

Boeing Business Jet

Also a maker of VIP Airliners. These aircraft offer the most space and ultra long range capabilities.

The BBJ combines components of two 737 models: the 737-700 series airframe and the larger 737-800 series wing, landing gear and center fuselage section. A larger, stretched version called the BBJ2 boasts 25 percent more cabin capacity and the even larger BBJ3 is based on the 737-900ER. Starting in 2018, the BBJ1, BBJ2 and BBJ3 will be transitioning into the Max platform, with 12 percent improved fuel burn offered by the upgrade to the CFM International Leap-1B engine. All Boeing jets from the 737 to its largest and newest 747-8 and the 787 are available in VVIP versions.

Boeing Business Jets

Bombardier Business Aircraft

Business aircraft in production: Learjet 70, 75, 60XR; Challenger 300, 605, 850; Global 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000

Bombardier Global

Bombardier has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of business jets and regional airliners. In the last two decades, the company has introduced several business jet models, including the Learjet 40/45 and 70/75, Challenger 300 and 605 and Global 5000 and 6000. The forthcoming Learjet 85 will be the first all composite business jet. The ultra-long-range Global 7000 and 8000 models will join the fleet in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The Canadian aircraft manufacturer offers many sized business jets with their extensive line that includes Learjet, Challenger and Global brands. Aircraft models: Learjet 40XR, 45XR, 60XR; Challenger 300, 605, 850, 870, 890; Global 5000, Global 6000.

Bombardier evolution of mobility logo


Business aircraft in production: Caravan; Citation Mustang, M2, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ4, Encore+, XLS+, Sovereign+, X, X+

Cessna Citation X+

Cessna built its first airplane in 1927 and has since rolled out more than 190,000. Of the roughly 16,000 business jets in operation worldwide, Cessna has produced a third of them. The company’s 11 business jet models span the Mustang very light jet and continue up the spectrum to the new version of the Citation X, which will be the world’s fastest civil airplane with a top speed of Mach 0.935. Other offerings include the new M2, Latitude, Longitude, X and upgraded Sovereign. To serve the growing Asian market, Cessna will produce models in China—the XLS+, Sovereign and Latitude—and develop an entirely new jet with China’s Avic.

Cessna has 9 business jet models that range from the very light to the super mid. Aircraft models: Citation Mustang, CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ4, Encore+, XLS+, Sovereign, X.



Business aircraft in production: TBM 850

Daher Socata TBM

Daher-Socata’s speedy single-engine turboprop TBM 850 cruises at 320 knots as high as 31,000 feet while carrying up to six occupants. Range at top speed is more than 1,400 nautical miles with reserves or nearly 1,600 nautical miles at the 252-knot long-range cruise speed, yet the TBM 850 can land on runways as short as 2,100 feet. Industrial conglomerate Daher, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013, purchased Socata in 2009. The company introduced its TBM900, an upgrade of the 850, in March.

Daher Sacata logo

Dassault Falcon

Business aircraft in production: Falcon 2000LX, 2000S, 900LX, 8X, 7X, 5X

Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon Jet company builds airframes at its factory in southwest France. Dassault offers the Falcon 900 and 2000 family of business jets, as well as the Falcon 7X trijet, featuring the latest in fly-by-wire flight-control technology and fighter-jet-style sidesticks in the cockpit. The next Falcon—the fly-by-wire 5X—is a twin-engine widebody jet, with service entry scheduled for 2017. Last year, the 2000LXS entered service, replacing the 2000LX. In May, Dassault introduced the Falcon 8X, a stretched 7X with an increased range of 6,450 nautical miles.

The French aircraft manufacturer offers the Falcon 900 and 2000 family of business jets as well as the Falcon 7X with their signature trijet configuration. Aircraft models: Falcon 2000LX, 900LX/EX, 7X.

 Dassault Falcon

Eclipse Aerospace

Business aircraft in production: Eclipse 550

Eclipse 550

Eclipse Aerospace resumed production of its iconic very light jet, now dubbed the Eclipse 550, in 2013. The new jet is aerodynamically the same as its predecessor, the 500, with the same Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F turbofan engines, but sports a more sophisticated flight deck, the Avio IFMS system based on avionics made by Innovative Solutions & Support.

Eclipse Aerospace logo

Embraer Executive Jets

Business aircraft in production: Phenom 100, 300; Legacy 600, 650; Lineage 1000

Embraer Lineage 1000

Embraer’s ERJ 135/145 airframe served as the foundation for the company’s first business jet, the Legacy 600, which was introduced in 1999. In the past decade, Embraer has made a strong push into the business jet market by developing the Phenom 100 and 300 small-cabin jets, the midsize Legacy 450 and 500, the Lineage 1000 bizliner and the longer-range Legacy 650. The Legacy 500 and 450 midsize jets feature fly-by-wire flight controls and sidesticks and will be certified in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer has come on strong in the last decade offering their light and mid Phenoms, their heavy Legacy and long range Lineage models. Aircraft models: Phenom 100, 300: Legacy 600, 650; Lineage 1000.

Embraer Executive Jets logo

Gulfstream Aerospace

Business aircraft in production: G150, G280, G450, G550, G650, G650ER

Gulfstream G650ER

In late 2012, two new Gulfstream jets received certification from the FAA, the super-midsize G280, built in Israel by partner IAI, and the ultra-long-range, large cabin G650. The G280 replaces the G200. The flagship G650 has a larger and wider cabin and larger windows than the G550, the manufacturer’s previous top model, and can fly 7,000 nautical miles unrefueled. The G650 has a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925, giving it the title of the world’s fastest civil airplane for a while until the upgraded Citation X received certification. The recently announced G650ER (extended range) can fly 7,500 nautical miles.

Gulfstream has covered the mid, super mid, heavy and long range categories with their aircraft. Aircraft models: G150, G280, G350, G450, G500, G550, G650 and G650ER.



Business aircraft in production: N/A

Hawker 4000

Although Hawker shut down in February 2013, hundreds of their aircraft remain in the market. Their models covered light, mid and supermid categories. Aircraft models: Premier 1A, Hawker 900XP, Hawker 4000.

Hawker Beechcraft

Honda Aircraft

Business aircraft in production: HondaJet


Honda Aircraft has begun production of the HondaJet and expects to receive certification from the U.S. FAA in early 2015. The light jet carries up to six passengers and features over-the-wing engine mounting, which frees up space in the fuselage and allows for a fully enclosed lavatory, unique in this size aircraft.

HondaJet logo

Piaggio Aero

Business aircraft in production: P.180 Avanti II, Avanti EVO

Piaggio P180 Avanti II

The sleek, pusher-turboprop Piaggio Avanti was developed in response to the energy crisis of the 1970s. Piaggio delivered the first Avanti in 1990. In 2005, the aircraft was updated with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line21 avionics system, given slightly more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and branded the Avanti II. Piaggio Aero is jointly owned by Tata, Mubadala Development and the Ferrari and di Mase families. In May, Piaggio announced an upgraded version of the model; called the Avanti EVO.

Piaggio Aerospace logo


Business aircraft in production: PC-12NG, PC-24

Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus is the world’s largest manufacturer of single engine turboprops. The company’s PC-12 was certified in 1994 and became an instant hit with buyers, who appreciated its ruggedness, spacious cabin and performance. Today, more than 1,000 PC-12 aircraft are in service. The newest version, the PC-12NG, features a more powerful engine and Honeywell Primus Apex avionics. Pilatus is developing the PC-24, a twin-engine light jet with a midsize cabin, due for entry into service in 2017.

Pilatus aircraft logo

There are other business aircraft manufacturers such as Cirrus, Diamond, Piper, Syberjet and Quest.

If you’d like more information regarding any private aircraft please call us at 888-535-9538 or email us at

Top private jet manufacturers video:

Private Jet Connectivity, Business Jet Deliveries, Last Week Weather Flight Cancellations, Baltic Sea Super Yacht Charter

March 2nd, 2015
First article is about connectivity and how important it is to today’s business traveler. The days of being out of touch with your office, clients, emails are long gone. Many private aircraft have all the tools you need to have your office in the sky. Next, Corporate Jet Investor tracks new business jet deliveries. Inclement weather created big disruptions last week and it caused over 8,000 flights to be cancelled. We did not have any cancellations but we had quite a bit of de-icing done to our jets. Last is a story about the best ports in the Baltic for super yachts which was recommended by a reader.
As always let us know if you have any suggestions for this section.

Business jets offer passengers the opportunity to work when they are flying – just try having a confidential conversation on a commercial flight – but passengers increasingly want to connect with others on the ground.

Private jet office meeting

James Hardie, managing director at Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, which provides a range of services to business aircraft, calls this “inflight productivity.”

Hardie says that technology is changing the way that people use business jets. He says business jets used to be about saving time at airports, but now they have become offices in the air. Passengers can send e-mails, make telephone calls from their own smartphones and hold video conferences whilst flying to their next face-to-face meeting. “People talk about this technology as ‘non-essential,’ but you would be surprised how often it grounds an aircraft,” says Hardie.

Private jet connectivity

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The Corporate Jet Investor business jet deliveries tracker is not intended to track the delivery of each and every business jet delivered during the course of 2015.

Instead the intention is to track the more interesting business jet deliveries during the month.

Information on business jet deliveries can come from many different sources. These could include official online registers, company press releases, and ‘plane spotters’ photographs and forums.

We have deliberately chosen not to include any ownership details within the data, as, from experience, this can be a contentious issue. Therefore the final field, country, is simply a record of where the aircraft is registered, rather than which country it is registered in.

For a complete list of business jets registered by country (minus owners / operators), we can recommend the excellent LAAS data website:

As a ‘live’ document, updates could be made at any time. Please refer to the date that appears underneath the table to see when/what changes are made.

Date Reg Type MSN Country
23/02/2015 9H-VCE Challenger 350 20540 Malta
20/02/2015 9H-VCF Challenger 350 20541 Malta
20/02/2015 B-KEY Gulfstream G650ER 6098 Hong Kong

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There was hope that calmer weather on Friday would lead to a smooth day for air travel after a week that saw airlines ground at least 1,000 flights for six consecutive days.

Aircraft De-Icing

Now, Friday is inching close to making that seven days in a row.

Friday morning did get off to a relatively good start, but cancellations then spiked Friday afternoon after a new round of wintry weather began to affect Texas, including the busy Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

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From the illuminations of the Auroras Borealis to picturesque fairy-tale villages steeped in snow, the Baltic Sea is home to a plethora of rare wonders to delight and inspire. When planning a summertime holiday, consider chartering a superyacht to take you on an exploration of nature’s finest playground. With sumptuous surroundings out at sea, a stunning sundeck boasting a personal spa, and a crew of finely tuned individuals waiting to show you the delights of the world, a superyacht break is the perfect way to unwind and savor every second. From the icy tip of Norway to the riches of Estonia, here are seven of the most illustrious ports to discover in the Baltic Sea while on charter.

Baltic Super Yacht Charter

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The Top Ten 10 List of Long Range Business Jets, Is HondaJet Worth the Wait?

February 26th, 2015
In today’s post we have a very informative article from Dan Thisdell at Flightglobal which ranks the top 10 long range business jets. It’s always good to see a list like this one in order to better compare business aircraft. Also a story from Forbes about HondaJet. A long time in the making but will this highly anticipated aircraft be worth the wait?
As always, let us know if you want anything covered our posted in this section.

The Top Ten 10 List of Long Range Business Jets

The top end of the business jet market went largely unscathed by the recent financial downturn. Market figures from Flightglobal’s Ascend consultancy show this sector, starting at about $30 million, represented 69% of the $18.5 billion business jet delivery value in 2013.

Ascend expects the popularity of these top-end aircraft to continue for the next 10 years, as a wave of new designs enter the market. In its latest forecast it predicts nearly 10,000 business jets from across the spectrum will be delivered between 2013 and 2023, with a total delivery value of $258 billion. Of this, the large-cabin/long range/VIP airliner segment is predicted to account for around 60% of the value share.

This week FlightGlobal looks at the top eleven (there was a tie for 10th place) contenders for the long-range business jet title. All range figures are for cruise at Mach 0.85 except where indicated, and programs that are marked (d) are still in development.

  1. Bombardier Global 8000 (d): 7,900nm, $68.7 million

Bombardier Global 8000 ranked number 1 long range business jet

Canadian standard-bearer Bombardier forecasts demand for 5,250 aircraft in the $50-75 million category between 2014 and 2033. Understandably then it has looked beyond its current flagship, the Global 6000, with the launch in 2010 of the bigger, longer-range 7000 (number 3, below) and 8000. Both aircraft will be powered by General Electric’s 16,500lb-thrust (73kN) Passport 20 engine and feature an all-new, high-speed transonic wing. The 8000 is targeted for entry into service in 2017.

  1. Gulfstream G650ER: 7,500nm, $66.5 million

Gulfstream G650ER ranked number two long range business jet
Gulfstream delivered its first all-new ultra-long-range G650ER business jet to a private owner in December 2014, making it currently the longest-legged in-production business jet. Its 500nm advantage over the standard G650 comes from an extra 1,810kg (4,000lb) of fuel carried in the wings and a software update to manage the added performance.

  1. Bombardier Global 7000 (d): 7,300nm, $72.5 million

Bombardier Global 7000 ranked number three long range business jet

The Global 7000’s 74.9m3 (2,650ft3) cabin will be 20% bigger than the existing Global 6000 and have about the same interior volume premium over its longer-range sister, the 8000. Bombardier has given no indication of when the Global 7000’s flight test campaign will begin, but says it remains on track for certification in 2016.

  1. Gulfstream G650: 7,000nm, $64.5 million

Gulfstream G650 ranked number four long range business jet

Until the ER version (number 2, pictured) took to the air, the G650 was the business jet world’s long-range champion. Envious owners can hire Gulfstream to do an ER retrofit for $2 million.

  1. Gulfstream G550: 6,750nm, $60 million

Gulfstream G550 ranked number five long range business jet

Long-running speculation that Gulfstream was to replace this decade-old model, and the smaller G450, with an all-new aircraft codenamed “P42” proved wide of the mark. Last October, Gulfstream pulled a stunner and unveiled its G500 and G600 (number 7, below) models, which sit, range-wise, in between the two. Gulfstream says it plans to keep G550 and G450 in production for now.

  1. Dassault Falcon 8X (d): 6,450nm (M0.8), $57 million

Dassault Falcon 8X ranked number six long range business jet

  1. Gulfstream G600 (d): 6,200nm, $54.5 million

Gulfstream G600 ranked number seven long range business jets

  1. Bombardier Global 6000: 6,000nm, $62 million

Bombardier Global 6000 ranked 8 long range business jets

  1. Dassault Falcon 7X: 5,950nm (M0.8), $52.8 million

Dassault Falcon 7X ranked number nine long range business jets

  1. Dassault Falcon 5X (d): 5,200nm, $45 million

Dassault Falcon 5X Dassault Falcon 5X ranked number ten long range business jets

  1. Bombardier Global 5000: 5,200nm, $50.2 million

Bombardier Global 5000 ranked number ten long range business jets

Read the full article about the top 10 long range business jets by »

Is HondaJet Worth the Wait?

HondaJet may be one of the most anticipated business aircraft in recent memory—if for no other reason than because its roots can be traced back to the early 1980s, when Honda divulged that it was seriously considering the prospect of developing a very light jet (VLJ).

It wasn’t until 2003 when a prototype actually flew and 2006 when the Honda Aircraft Co., started taking orders for the $3.7-million HondaJet. That was nine years ago. Since then, repeated delays of one kind or another have fueled skepticism among industry observers about whether customers actually would ever get what they ordered.

Hondajet at NBAA 2014

Continue reading about HondaJet on >>

Gulfstream G650ER Farthest Flight and New City Pair Record, Dassault Military Expertise Helps Business Aircraft Development, Top Ten Long Range Business Jets

February 24th, 2015
Gulfstream and it’s G650ER are in the news. The G650ER set a couple of city pair records: It flew from New York to Beijing almost 7,000 nautical miles non-stop and then flew from Beijing to Savannah a little over 6,500 nautical miles non stop again. This ultra long range aircraft is also in the news because it flew from Singapore to Las Vegas over 8,000 nautical miles non stop. Also in this post is an excerpt from the Business Aviation Voice section in Forbes that details some of the advantages that Dassault has over other business jet manufacturers because of its military aircraft technology. We will see how well it translates when their latest business jet, the Falcon 8X, finishes its flight testing in 2016.
As always, if you have news or you have something you want us to cover here, please let us know. Oh yeah, if you need to charter a private aircraft and have high customer service expectations, contact us. We are experts at it.

Aircraft Flies Around The World In One Stop, Adds Two More City-Pair Records

Gulfstream G650ER business jets

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced that the G650ER recently set two city-pair records while flying around the world in one stop.

The G650ER took off from White Plains, New York, with three passengers and four crew members on board. It flew 6,939 nautical miles/12,851 kilometers eastbound to Beijing at an average speed of Mach 0.87 for a total flight time of 13 hours and 20 minutes. The aircraft then flew eastbound 6,572 nm/12,171 km to Savannah, accomplishing the mission at an average speed of Mach 0.89 for a total flight time of 12 hours. The aircraft landed both times with fuel in excess of National Business Aviation Association instrument flight rule reserves.

Gulfstream G650ER business jets sets two city pair records

Continue Reading About the G650ER City Pair Records on »

Gulfstream G650ER Shows Its Long Range Capability

Travels 8,010 nm Non-Stop

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced that the Gulfstream G650ER has once again demonstrated its ability to go the distance by completing the farthest flight in its history.

Gulfstream G650ER copletes farthest flight so far

On January 22, a G650ER, owned by Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts Limited, flew 8,010 nautical miles/14,835 kilometers nonstop, traveling from Singapore Changi Airport to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas with four passengers, including Wynn, and three crew members on board. The trip took 14 hours and 32 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.85, with tail winds of 76 knots. The G650ER landed with fuel in excess of the National Business Aviation Association instrument flight rules reserves.

Continue Reading About the G650ER Long Range Ability on »

Of all of the major business jet manufacturers, France’s Dassault Aviation may enjoy a unique advantage that seems to be rarely mentioned: it also produces one of the most technologically advanced multirole fighters in the world, the Rafale. In fact, the wings for all Dassault aircraft—civil and military—are made at the same factory near Bordeaux, including those for the Falcon 8X, the company’s newest business jet.

Dassault business jets: Falcon 8X

Dassault claims its know-how in developing fighters enables its engineers to design and build business jets that combine exceptional reliability, flight-handing and technical capabilities with unmatched cabin comfort and operating economics. Major competitors, such as Bombardier and Gulfstream, would likely argue that their French rival has nothing over them when it comes to designing and building purpose-built business jets that meet customers’ most demanding expectations for cabin comfort and operating economics.

This much is certain: current-generation fighters are being built to higher tolerances to ensure precision of shape, and thus optimum performance and durability in service. No less attention is being given to the assembly of the all-important wings for the 8X and the 5X, another business jet that Dassault is developing. It is the company’s way of making sure that its business aircraft match designers’ exacting specifications, just as the Rafale does. The tri-engine 8X is actually a derivative of the fast-selling, in-service Falcon 7X, with a cabin that is 3.5 ft. longer. While the wings look identical to those of the 7X, except for a new winglet, they are 1,320 lb. lighter.

Continue Reading This Article About Dassault On »

GAMA Releases 2014 Business Aviation Year-End Shipment and Billings Numbers, Business Aviation Picks Up In 2014, Only VVIP A380 Order Cancelled

February 20th, 2015

In today’s post the first story is about the cancellation of the only VVIP Airbus 380 that had ever been ordered. There was a big to do when the order was first signed, but the aircraft just languished in Airbus Toulouse site. Well, it’s that time of the year when the numbers come in from the previous year and the numbers paint a positive picture for our industry. The General Aviation Manufacturers Association has released its yearly numbers which shows that overall shipments of business aircraft were up over 4% from 2013 to 2014. Some more good news for our industry comes from JSSI which shows a year over year increase (2013-2014) of 4.4% in business aviation activity. We also saw an increase in business aviation activity showing a 14.8% increase from 2013 to 2014.

As always, let us know if you would like to see anything covered here.

Airbus has officially written off the order for the first, and so far only, VVIP A380. Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud placed the order in 2007. The 5,930-sq-ft cabin interior was neither designed nor installed.

Airbus A380

“The aircraft was originally a flight-test A380. A few years after the 2007 order, Al Waleed resold the aircraft. Time passed and the aircraft was sitting in Toulouse, without any passenger equipment, without being delivered,” an Airbus Corporate Jets spokesman told AIN. The company decided to cancel the order in December. Airbus still owns the aircraft but does not know what its future is, he said.

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The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) today released the worldwide 2014 year-end aircraft billing and shipment numbers at its annual “State of the Industry” press conference at the Newseum.

Static display NBAA 2014

Worldwide general aviation airplane shipments rose 4.3 percent

GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce reported that, for the year, total worldwide general aviation (GA) airplane shipments rose 4.3 percent, from 2,353 units in 2013 to 2,454 units in 2014. Billings for GA airplanes worldwide increased to $24.5 billion, up 4.5 percent from $23.4 billion in 2013. This fixed-wing billings increase marks the second-largest sales value recorded after 2008, when billings were $24.8 billion.

Shipments of piston-engine airplanes were positive, rising 9.6 percent in 2014. Business jet shipments also rose 722 units, an increase of 6.5 percent from the 678 business jets shipped in 2013. Turboprop shipments declined, however, by 6.5 percent to 603 units. Rotorcraft shipments slowed for both piston and turbine aircraft compared to the previous year. A total of 230 rotorcraft and 741 turbine rotorcraft were shipped in 2014, which is a 31.3 percent and a 22.4 percent reduction, respectively, from the strong deliveries posted in 2013.

“The mixed results among segments indicate that the general aviation manufacturing industry is still facing headwinds given the tepid U.S. economic recovery and the political and economic uncertainies in Europe,” GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce said. “The 2014 year-end numbers make crystal clear the need for GAMA’s priorities in 2015 – specifically, reform that facilitates the introduction of new safety-enhancing products to market, reduces the inconsistent application of regulations, and strengthens the global engagement and cooperation among aviation authorities. We will continue to press forward on these issues, especially as the FAA reauthorization moves forward this year in the U.S. Congress and major general aviation regulatory change takes shape in Europe.”




Business Jets
Total Shipments 2,353
Total Billings $23.4B $24.5B +4.5%


Gulfstream G650ER

Business Jet Shipments Rose 6.5% in 2014






Total Shipments 1,290
Total Billings $5.3B $4.9B -7.5%

Note: AgustaWestland 2014 Q4 data was not available at the time of publication, but will be released on March 18, 2015. For the purpose of comparison in this table, GAMA has removed 2013 Q4 data for AgustaWestland.

GAMA is an international trade association representing over 80 of the world’s leading manufacturers of general aviation airplanes and rotorcraft, engines, avionics, components and related services. GAMA’s members also operate repair stations, fixed based operations, pilot and maintenance training facilities and manage fleets of aircraft. For more information, visit GAMA’s website at

Read the press release on »

JSSI Business Aviation Index Indicates Global Market Growth with Flight Activity Up From 2013

Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) the world’s leading provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry, has released its 2014 Business Aviation Index, which tracks flight hours for business aircraft by region, industry and cabin type. According to JSSI’s 2014 Business Aviation Index, flight hours increased by 1.2% globally. With declining fuel prices taking hold, flight hours increased by 2.5% in Q4, compared with flight hours for Q4 2013.

“While the pace of the US economic recovery gained steam, an economic slowdown throughout the world certainly had an impact on flight hours,” said Neil W. Book, President and Chief Executive Officer of JSSI. “There were still some bright spots worth noting, where we saw solid growth in the real estate industry and business jet charter. Solid charter numbers are promising, because they represent business jet usage across a wide range of industries. Regionally, the North American market remained consistent with the prior year, but Europe and the Middle East saw nearly 10% growth between 2013 and 2014.”

JSSI Index: By Industry

While overall flight hours grew at a slower pace than the last few years, by industry, Real Estate led the way with double digit growth in the last quarter (10.8%) while the Aviation Industry had the strongest gains for the year (4.4%.) Conversely, Manufacturing (-13.7%) and Construction (-6.9%) contracted significantly in 2014.



YTD 2014 vs
YTD 2013




 Business Services






 Consumer Goods



 Financial Services









 Power & Energy



 Real Estate



JSSI Index: By Region

When looking at the data by region, Business Aviation experienced growth from Q3 to Q4 in only two markets – Central America and South America.



YTD 2014 vs
YTD 2013







 Central America






 Middle East



 North America



 South America




Book continued, “Due to the cyclical nature of business travel, the fourth quarter is often less active than the third quarter. Therefore, it is very encouraging to see quarter over quarter growth in Central and South America.”

JSSI Index: By Aircraft Type

Observing Business Aviation activity by aircraft type provides insight as to exactly how the business community is flying. For the first time, the JSSI Business Aviation Index is releasing annual data on helicopter usage:

Aircraft Type


YTD 2014 vs
YTD 2013




 Large Cabin



 Medium Cabin



 Small Cabin



“It is a good sign to see the strong growth in the large cabin sector. This is an excellent indicator that the large corporate flight departments are using their aircraft for business all over the world. With the decline in the cost of fuel, coupled with less negative rhetoric toward the business aviation community coming out of Washington, we are very optimistic for a strong 2015,” continued Mr. Book.

Private Jet Destinations – Best Hotels in the US: Washington DC

February 16th, 2015

Washington DC – A Private Jet Destination

The JetOptions Travel Experience Series, our first in class program, is featuring itineraries to the best rated hotels in the United States this month, as rated by U.S. News and World Report Best Hotels 2015. We are starting with our nation’s capital, Washington DC. Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure JetOptions can fly you safely and securely to your preferred airport of more than 5000 airfields located in the U.S. alone, on your choice of private aircraft. We locate the best aircraft for our clients. Whether you need a Light Jet, a Mid Jet, or a Heavy Jet we are ready to book for you at a moment’s notice. Of course we will make all reservations for your future flight dates in addition to any last minute travel services. Request a no obligation air charter quote to Washington DC

Washington DC

For our discerning clientele, we are presenting the ten best hotels in the United States in a countdown format on our site. Of course many of these hotels are also located at top destinations for private jet travel. Our first featured property is in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Flying in, there are three main airports serving the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan regions with additional smaller regional airports in nearby communities. Depending on your ultimate destination in the capital we can route you to your most convenient choice. It is important to keep in mind that there may slight modifications to your flight plan for reasons of national security when you fly in or out of Washington D.C. proper’s airspace.

Airports Serving the Washington DC Area

Ronald Reagan National Airport

The closest airport, located just 3 miles South of Washington D.C., is Ronald Reagan National (DCA) Reagan National. This airport may be subject to restrictions or closures from time to time due to its proximity to capital structures. With only 40 slot exemptions, flights into and out of DCA are not allowed to exceed 1,250 statute miles in any direction nonstop. Reagan National also has immigration and customs facilities for corporate jet traffic. Keep in mind the only international flights allowed to land at DCA must originate from airports with U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance facilities. Total runway length at DCA is 6869 feet and there are limited fuel services at the Forward Operating Base (FBO), again for reasons of security. In general, it is best not to choose this aiport.

Washington Dulles Airport

The second airport, Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is located in Dulles, Virginia, 26 miles west of downtown Washington, D.C. Dulles Airport. Dulles is also the busier of the two closest airports with a landmark main passenger terminal designed by Eero Saarinen. The maximum runway length at IAD is 11,500 ft. and this airport is also home to multiple forward operating base (FBO) facilities with full fueling capability.

Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International airportThe third airport, Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International (BWI) is the busiest of the three airports in the greater metro area and the 24th busiest airport nationwide Baltimore Washington. Located north of the capital it is approximately 33 miles away. Runway length at BWI is 10,502 feet and their Forward Operating Base also has full refueling services. In the event Reagan National airport is not available for Private Jet traffic, ground transportation can very easily be arranged in a car of your choice from any arrival and departure location.
Manassas regional airport in VirginiaThe last and smallest airport that many of our clients use is Manassas Regional Ariport (KHEF) which is located 30 miles from Washington DC. As the largest executive regional airport in Virginia, Manassas Regional allows our clients more flexibility since they don’t have to be fitted for landing behind commercial aircraft. This airport also offers direct ramp access meaning that your vehicle can drive up to the aircraft. It also has an FAA control tower and US Customs for international flights.

Top Hotels in Washington DC

The Jefferson Washington DCOnce you’ve arrived into Washington D.C., The Five Star Jefferson Hotel awaits your arrival The Jefferson. Located just north of The White House, The Jefferson was designed under the principles of its namesake, Thomas Jefferson. With thoughtful design, this 95 room property features elegant guest rooms and twenty specialty suites. The penthouse level has only two rooms, The Thomas and Martha Jefferson Suites. There are 18 additional suites on separate floors, and Classic, Deluxe, and Premier Room categories all featuring different appointments and views of the city. Guest room and public areas include art and historical documents from the Jefferson’s Private Collection. Modern amenities include everywhere Wi-Fi for business travelers, a petite spa for relaxation, and personal service. For our guests traveling with pets by private jet this hotel welcomes them with pet-friendly accommodations and dog beds as needed. Fine dining is located in the hotel at The Plume Restaurant, awarded five stars by Forbes Travel Guide in 2015 Forbes Best Restaurants 2015.

Capella Washington DCVisitors to the Georgetown neighborhood may also wish to consider The Capella Hotel The Capella Georgetown. It’s currently ranked the Number 2 Hotel in Washington D.C. by U.S. News and World Report and holds a Five Star Rating for luxury U.S. News and World Reports Reviews The Capella. This hotel is also ranked in their 50 Best Hotels nationally at Number 18 50 Best Hotels in the U.S. for 2015. Located on the C&O Canal near to Georgetown’s shopping and restaurant district the first U.S. Capella property is a boutique style hotel that assigns personal assistants to each guest for 24 hour service in advance of their arrival. With an infinity pool on the rooftop deck, and a guest only living room for drinks or refreshments, this top rated Georgetown hotel is also an excellent choice for a visit to Washington D.C. Their canal side restaurant, The Grill Room is recognized for their fresh menu, steaks and seafood and is on two of Zagat’s rated lists in D.C. If you’re traveling with your pet, they are also welcomed at The Capella.

The Ritz Carlton GeorgetownThe 3rd ranked hotel by U.S. News and World Reports is the also located in the Georgetown district of Washington D.C. nearby to shopping, dining, and night life. The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown is also ranked in the 50 Best U.S. Hotels at Number 29 for this year 50 Best Hotels in the U.S. for 2015. Housed in a former industrial incinerator building complete with smokestack the 86 room boutique hotel is a unique property. Equipped with 11 premier level suites, 16 additional one-bedroom suite rooms and their 5 luxury suites, the Royal Potomac, the Ritz-Carlton, the Presidential Suite, the Ambassador Suite, and the Georgetown Suite, guests are sure to find rooms to fit their individual liking. Pets under 35 pounds are also welcomed as guests of the hotel. Their on-site restaurant Degrees features gourmet American Regional Cuisine and the Petite Spa is available onsite for guest appointments.

Fine Dining in the District of Columbia

DC is home to many Michelin Star, Zagat Rated, and Diamond Award winning restaurants. There are many to choose from depending on your individual tastes. Located near historic Ford’s Theatre, Minibar by Chef Jose Andres has been called the “America’s Foremost Spanish Chef” by Wine Spectator Magazine Minibar by Jose Andres.  Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons Hotel is a Michael Mina restaurant featuring line caught seafood and butter poached meats Bourbon Steak DC. Restaurant Nora is America’s first certified organic restaurant and a pioneering leader in organic restauranteering led by its own Chef Nora Restaurant Nora. Juniper at the Fairmont Hotel serves honey and honeycomb items on its menu from the bee hives on the top of their restaurant Juniper DC. Wolfgang Pucks The Source features Asian fusion cuisine in a three level restaurant located inside The Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue Wolfgang Puck’s The Source. The Inn at Little Washington is located in nearby Virginia and takes reservations up to one year in advance. Helmed by Chef Patrick O’Connell this restaurant is worth a visit outside of D.C. Metro and the property is also an award winning hotel in its own right The Inn at Little Washington. Rounding out our list is Plume at The Jefferson Hotel featured above with the hotel.

Places to See When in Washington DC

Any visit to the District of Columbia would not be complete without a visit to one of the many historical sites, museums, monuments, and national parks. Some of the most well-known and iconic attractions are located on or nearby to the National Mall National Park Service DC. From the base of the US. Congress running all the way to the Potomac River this 1000 acre national park is also known as the front yard of the United States. Housed within it are the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pond, World War I and World War II Monuments, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Korean Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

The White House

The White House is America’s most famous address located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Visitors wishing to tour the interior must submit their request through their congress person at least 21 days in advance or up to 6 months of the day they wish to visit. Proper identification requirements and a list of restricted visitor items may be viewed here White House Tours and Events.

The Kennedy Center is located on the banks of the Potomac River and is open for tours of the performance halls and art collections, in addition to the many performing arts events taking place here daily. The Center is also the home of the National Symphony Orchestra, the Washington National Opera and the Suzanne Farrell Ballet. Schedules at The Kennedy Center.

Art aficionados and students may appreciate a visit to the National Gallery of Art. Located on the Northeast corner of the National Mall the Gallery collections are housed in two buildings. One building features collections from the 13th to 18th Centuries and the second features the Gallery’s collection of Modern Art. The outdoor sculpture is a permanent feature along with many other traveling or limited run exhibitions. Current details of exhibitions may be found on their website at National Gallery of Art.

The SmithsonianPossibly one of the most famous museums and also the largest, The Smithsonian Institution is an entire complex of 19 individual museums, 9 research centers, the National Zoo, and other affiliates located around the world. From the famous gardens and the landmark institution building also know as “The Castle” built in 1847 that now serves as an information center for visitors to the complex and headquarters building. A full list of facilities and hours is available at Smithsonian Institution.

Golf in Washington DC

Home to many public and private golf courses these are some of the most scenic places to play in and around Washington D.C. East Potomac Golf Course is located in the middle of Memorial Parks District. Managed by the National Park Service this course offers stunning views of Washington and other monuments from its nearby fairways East Potomac Golf Course. Located at the end of Rock Creek Park the Rock Creek Golf Course is approximately 20 minutes from the Georgetown district. This historic course features park views and wildlife with foxes, hawks, and deer all making appearances as you move through the fairways Rock Creek Golf Course.

Flying to Washington DC by Private Jet

Citation Sovereign charter to Washington DC

Charter a Citation Sovereign to Washington, DC

For travelers arriving from the East Coast on a private jet will arrive into Washington D.C. from New York Farmingdale, Westchester County Airport (HPN) or Teterboro (TEB), the largest Private Jet facility in the New York area, in about an hour from takeoff to landing and the one-way rates would start at around $5,000.00 for a light jet and $6,500.00 for a mid jet

From Miami to Washington D.C. flying time is around 2 hours depending on winds. A light jet will cost approximately $6,500.00 , and a mid jet $8,200.00 one way.

Flying from Chicago to Washington D.C. averages around 1.5 hours and rates on light aircraft start at approximately $5,800.00 each way.

Flights from Dallas (DFW) or (DAL) to Washington D.C. are slightly more than 2 hours and rates smaller jets that seat up to 6 passengers start at around $7,500.00 each way.

Global Express XRS you can charter to Washington DC

Travel non stop to Washington DC on a Global Express XRS

Flying from Los Angeles (LAX) or (VNY) to Washington D.C. will take you just under 5 hours and if you want to go non stop you will need a mid size jet or larger. Rates on mid size jets would start at around $22,000.00 one-way.

Regardless of your city of origin, and whether you are starting in either a location in the U.S., or an International arrival, JetOptions Private Jets are experts at finding you an aircraft that will fit your qualifications and budget. Our planes are Wyvern and Argus rated for your safety and security. We never sacrifice quality and our client’s satisfaction is always our top priority. That’s why our clients continue to book their flights with us over our competitors, and even refer their friends, family, and colleagues to JetOptions Private Jets. Experience the difference.

Wherever your travels may take you JetOptions Private Jets friendly professionals are here to assist you 24 hours a day. Call us at (888) 535-9538 or obtain a no obligation quote by email today here Charter Quote Request.

2015 Corporate Jet Investor Awards, Jet Aviation Basel delivers Boeing BBJ1, Winter storm may ruin Valentines weekend travel plans, Private jet demand increases, but prices fall

February 11th, 2015

In today’s post we show you the results of Corporate Jet Investors 2015 award winner results. Jet Aviation in Basel has delivered its 25th Boeing BBJ completion. We had an opportunity to see some of their work at EBACE in Geneva last year and it is pretty awesome (but what else do you expect for these multimillion dollar completions). For those of you traveling in the Northeast this weekend, it might be better to cancel since it is being reported that another major storm system will be hitting. The international Bureau of Aviation released a report showing that private demand has gone up and oil prices have gone down creating different results in different areas of the world. And lastly, we have access to another Phenom 300 mid jet. The jet will be based in Europe. As usual, if you’d like to see anything covered here, let us know and we will.

Corporate jet investor awards 2015

Corporate jet investor awards 2015

Best Private Bank for Business Jet Finance and Advisory EMEA 2015: Credit Suisse

Best Business Jet Financier EMEA 2015: CIT Business Aircraft Finance

Most Innovative Financier EMEA 2015: AirFinance

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Best Business Jet Financier Western Europe 2015: BNP Paribas

Best Business Jet Financier CEE and CIS 2015: UBS

Best Business Jet Financier Africa 2015: Investec

Best Business Jet Financier Middle East 2015: Deutsche Bank

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Element Capital

Highly Commended EMEA 2015: Société Générale Equipment Finance

Aircraft of the Year: Embraer Legacy 500

Aircraft of the Year: Embraer Legacy 500 by Corporate Jet Investor

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Jet Aviation Basel recently redelivered its 25th Boeing BBJ with a custom VIP cabin interior and aircraft livery. The long-range BBJ1 aircraft was completed and certified by the Completions Center in nine months.

Jet Aviation Basel recently redelivered its 25th Boeing BBJ

With the BBJ1 having to regularly meet long-range flight missions, a light-weight cabin interior is critical. Jet Aviation Basel leveraged technology improvements from its extensive investment in the Boeing 787 platform and developed a sound insulation optimization technique that decreased the weight by 30 percent. This provided the added benefit of a very quiet cabin.

“Our ability to outfit a green aircraft with innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising luxury within such a timeline really underscores great teamwork and cooperation,” said Adam White, senior director of Completions Engineering at Jet Aviation Basel.

Jet Aviation Basel Design

The modern minimalistic interior design contrasts white and taupe tones against black wood, with stingray skin inlays emphasizing the luxuriousness of each custom-made piece of furniture. Following completion and certification of the VIP Cabin Interior, the BBJ1 then received the most complex paint livery ever executed at Jet Aviation Basel. The sleek black to grey fade-out livery of 19 mixed design colors links the interior color palette to the exterior across the entire fuselage and tail. Both interior and exterior design concepts were created in-house by the Jet Aviation Design Studio.

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Boston AirportAnyone with travel plans to or from the Northeast over the Valentine’s weekend may need to cancel those romantic dinner reservations and make back-up plans for when to exchange flowers and chocolates with their sweethearts.

Another winter storm comes with blizzard watches from the Weather Channel for the entire coast of New England, including Boston, where all rail service was shut down Monday evening and all day Tuesday.

On Thursday evening, some airlines began posting travel alerts for passengers with weekend flights.

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Low oil prices have created an increased demand for private jets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, according to a new report from the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA), which was published to coincide with Corporate Jet Investor London 2015.

Increased demand for private jets

“2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year,” says Chris Lennon, head of IBA’s business aviation and private jet department. “With the price of oil fluctuating to as low as $65 per barrel, there is a growing demand for corporate aircraft, especially within Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Add to this the apparent resurgence of the Corporate Aircraft Market within Europe, the outlook for 2015 is positive in many regions.”

“However, challenges remain. Chinese austerity measures mean corporate jet owners and operators still face restrictions. But this also brings about greater ambition, with Chinese operators intending to expand their services into Europe or invest in existing operators,” Lennon adds. “In the Eastern Europe, with economic sanctions and the weakening of the Rouble, oligarchs and corporations are diverting their attention elsewhere.”

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JetOptions adds another Embraer Phenom 300 to its network of aircraft available for charter

The 9 passenger mid size jet is available for charter in Europe. Charter the Embraer Phenom 300