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Embraer Legacy 500 receives EASA certification, Top 10 last-minute aviation Christmas gifts, North American Flight Activity Sees 13-Month Growth

December 19th, 2014

Embraer Legacy 500 receives EASA certification

Cologne, Germany, December 16, 2014 – Embraer’s Legacy 500 executive jet today was granted certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) during a ceremony at its headquarters, in Cologne, Germany. This approval enables entry into service of the aircraft in the Member States of the European Union as well as in EASA associated countries.

Embraer Legacy 500 executive jet granted certification by EASA

Embraer Legacy 500 executive jet granted certification by EASA

“EASA’s certification is a very important achievement for the Legacy 500, which is introducing advanced technologies and superior comfort in the midsize class,” said Marco Túlio Pellegrini, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. “The approval of this revolutionary aircraft is a testament to our commitment to deliver true innovation to the market.”

Embraer Legacy 500 receives EASA certification

Embraer Legacy 500 receives EASA certification

“This certificate demonstrates the excellent safety performance of Embraer aircraft and the outstanding cooperation spirit which is in place between EASA, the Brazilian Airworthiness Authority ANAC and Embraer, making excellent use of the EU/Brazil Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement,” said Norbert Lohl, EASA Certification Director. “It was Embraer that received the first EASA Transport Airplane Type Certificate in 2004 and are receiving now, 10 years later, another important one for the Legacy 500.”

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Top 10 last-minute aviation Christmas gifts on eBay

Of course, we are biased and we believe the best Christmas gift is the gift of air charter from JetOptions.-Ed.

In case you’ve been too busy to notice, less than 12 shopping days now remain before Christmas. To assist our more procrastinating readers, Flightglobal has compiled a list of the top 10 last-minute Christmas gifts available for purchase right now on eBay, the online auction site. Aviation tends to rank among the more expensive hobbies, and so our guide is not recommended for readers on fixed or – even normal – incomes.

1- Replica Boeing 737NG flight simulator

Replica Boeing 737NG flight simulator

Replica Boeing 737NG flight simulator

This $118,650 model was built privately using a variety of authentic parts and simulator systems.

2- Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon

Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon

Fantasy Island Grumman Widgeon

You can own the plane from Fantasy Island.

The 1970s TV show featured a 1967 Grumman Widgeon sea plane in the opening of every episode. That plane is now available for $350,000.

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Signs of a recovery in the business aviation sector are reinforced by predictions of a 13-consecutive-month increase in flight activity when the December figures come in. Analysts at TRAQPak estimate there will be 1.4% growth in overall flight activity year over year in December, following a 3.7% increase in November vs. the same month a year earlier. TRAQPac is the intelligence data arm of Argus International. The results by operational category were positive across the board…

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Dassault Falcon 8X Unveiled, Daher-Socata delivered the 700th TBM, Pro Line 21 Upgrade on Falcon 2000

December 18th, 2014

Dassault Falcon 8X Rolled Out for First Time at Bordeaux-Merignac facility

Dassault Falcon 8X rollout

Dassault Falcon 8X rollout

Unveiled today at Dassault’s Bordeaux-Merignac facility before an audience of customers, operators, industrial partners and representatives of certification authorities, the Falcon 8X was rolled out for the first time. Ground tests, including flight control system testing, vibration tests and fuel system testing, concluded in November. The first engine run up took place in early December and the aircraft is on track for a maiden flight in the first quarter of 2015.

Dassault Falcon 8X Rolled out for first time

Dassault Falcon 8X Rolled Out for First Time at Bordeaux-Merignac facility

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Daher-Socata delivers 700th TBM

This milestone confirms the continued market demand for DAHER-SOCATA’s very fast turboprop family

DAHER-SOCATA announced the delivery of its 700th series production TBM very fast turboprop aircraft.

Daher-Socata announced the delivery of its 700th TBM

Daher-Socata announced the delivery of its 700th TBM

The milestone airplane, a TBM 900, was provided to a private customer in Illinois, USA through a sale organized by Muncie Aviation – the authorized TBM distributor based at Muncie Municipal Airport, Indiana.

“This 700th TBM’s delivery demonstrates the full acceptance of the single-engine turboprop concept, which is the flagship of DAHER’s aerospace activities,” stated Stéphane Mayer, President and CEO of DAHER-SOCATA. “We are now setting our sights on the next milestones.”

DAHER-SOCATA’s TBM 700 version was the first series-production pressurized single-engine aircraft to be certified, and after several evolutionary steps, the 300th TBM of this type came off the assembly line in June 2004. A total of 324 TBM 700s – all powered by a 700-shp engine – were built and delivered worldwide.

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RUAG Aviation has recently installed the first European Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 Upgrade on the Dassault Falcon 2000. The upgrade is now available for Pro Line 4-equipped Falcon 2000 and 2000EX aircraft and is approved by both the FAA and EASA.

The project was completed at the RUAG Aviation facility in Lugano during a 3C inspection. It was also the first time an inspection of this type has been performed at RUAG Aviation Lugano.

Pro Line 21 Upgrade on Falcon 2000

RUAG installed 1st Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 Upgrade Falcon 2000

This upgrade replaces the existing Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays with new Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCD). The new 8×10 inch displays present charts, maps, cameras and graphical weather, and are distinguished by the clarity and sharpness of the image. Moreover, the advanced technology of these displays position the aircraft for future development towards the Synthetic Vision System (SVS). Today, critical flight information including graphical weather, EGPWS, TCAS, lightning detection, airport location and more are available to you at the touch of a button.

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Jet Aviation Geneva has selected Honeywell Aerospace’s Ovation Select cabin management system for installation on a Bombardier Global Express business jet. Ovation Select is an all-digital total cabin management system that allows passengers to control both in-flight entertainment and environmental conditions — including lighting, seats, temperature, galley and window shades — with a touch-screen interface at the seat, or from a mobile electronic device.

Honeywell Aerospace Ovation Select

Honeywell Aerospace Ovation Select cabin management system

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Learjet 70 and 75 Receive Type Certification, Accelerated Depreciation on Aircraft, Senator Calls for Investigation of Airline Prices

December 17th, 2014

Learjet 70 and 75 Receive Type Certification from Mexican Civil Aviation Agency

The Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 received type certification from Mexican civil aviation authority Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil, Bombardier Aerospace announced today. “This marks another milestone for the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft president Eric Martel. “These jets are ideally suited to respond to the needs of our customers in Mexico.” The Learjet 70 and 75 were certified by the FAA and Transport Canada late last year and by EASA in September.

Learjet 70 Receives Type Certification from Mexican Civil Aviation Agency

Learjet 70 Receives Type Certification from Mexican Civil Aviation Agency

Learjet 75 Receives Type Certification from Mexican Civil Aviation Agency

Learjet 75 Receives Type Certification from Mexican Civil Aviation Agency

The National Business Aviation Association (JetOptions is a member of NBAA) has welcomed a vote by the House of Representatives to renew several expiring tax provisions – including accelerated depreciation – for one year.

“NBAA applauds this action by the House to renew bonus depreciation and other tax incentives that encourage businesses to upgrade equipment and invest in assets such as aircraft,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

Bonus depreciation expired at the end of 2013, but NBAA and a broad coalition of industry groups have backed efforts in Congress to renew it retroactively as part of a package of tax “extenders.”

“Bonus depreciation strengthens our economy in two essential ways,” Bolen explained. “It gives our businesses immediate access to the most advanced equipment, including aircraft, making them more competitive, and it preserves jobs in America’s vital aircraft-manufacturing industry.”

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If travel industry experts are correct, next year will see us snapping holiday “braggies,” eating dinner at a local’s house, being served by a “Botler” and, more than likely, heading to Asia.

Singapore, Thailand and Japan are among top destination picks for next year, while world-class sports events like the 2015 Rugby World Cup will also see fans flocking to host nation England.

Why Asia’s hot right now

“One of the hottest regions is Asia and there are a couple of different drivers,” says Elizabeth Crabill, president of global travel provider TravelBound, which serves 40,000 travel agents worldwide.

Japan, notoriously expensive for foreign visitors, is set to become more affordable because of the depreciation of the yen, which has lost nearly a quarter of its value since 2012.

“International currencies are going to go a lot farther,” says Crabill.

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Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for federal investigations of high airfares, questioning why they’re not dropping along with fuel costs.

The New York Democrat says with holiday travel approaching, the high cost of flying is painfully apparent to thousands of passengers.

He’s calling for the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation to investigate why airfares are so high despite what he described as “record” airline profits and “rapidly declining” fuel costs.

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Light Jets Gather Momentum, Gulf VIP airlines, Looking to Bridge Gap in Private Aviation

December 16th, 2014

Clipper jet will be flying Gulfstream GIV‘s which you can already charter through JetOptions -Ed.

ClipperJet CEO James Occhipinti is looking to bridge the gap between premium first class commercial airline travel and private aviation. When the California-based private jet operator launches ClipperJet in early 2015 it will feature a new “country club”-style business model, according to Occhipinti, in which aircraft connectivity will be key.

Clipperjet will offer GIVs

Cabin of Gulfstream IV

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Conventional wisdom in recent months has pointed to large-cabin, ultra-long-range aircraft as the only segment of business aviation showing any significant strength in the marketplace. That may be changing, however, not because demand for high-end models necessarily is weakening, but because light jets are gaining momentum, according to J.P. Morgan Investment Research’s latest business jet monthly report.

Embraer Phenom 300

The Embraer Phenom 300 and its smaller sibling, the Phenom 100, were designed primarily to serve owner-pilots, charter services and small corporate flight departments. Photo by Jessica Ambats

The U.S. accounts for about 60% of the global business jet fleet, and after more than five difficult years demand is improving. J.P. Morgan analyst Joseph Nadol III expects demand for light jets, in particular, to benefit since North America accounts for two-thirds of deliveries in this segment.

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How elastic is an airline brand? Two of the big three Gulf airlines have built on their reputations for innovative customer service with VIP charter spin-offs to tap a market beyond their top-end scheduled products.

Qatar Airways is growing its Qatar Executive fleet of Bombardiers with Gulfstreams. Emirates may expand its charter offering, launched last year with an Airbus A319 fitted with 10 self-contained berths, a dining room and shower/spa.

Qatar Executive Global 5000

Qatar Executive Global 5000

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CitationAir Surrenders Certificate, Business Aviation and Climate Change, Lufthansa Will Soon Allow its Passengers to Travel With Falcons

December 15th, 2014

Lufthansa to allow passengers to take birds of prey on board

Lufthansa will soon allow its passengers to travel with falcons.

What is the point of having a luxurious private jet if you can’t transport your own falcon?

Lufthansa will soon allow its passengers to travel with falcons

Lufthansa Technik, the maintenance division of the German airline which also specialises in fitting cabins on big VIP and executive jets, has come up with a gadget for those who want to keep their bird of prey by their side when travelling.

Called the Falcon Master, the platform and stand for transporting falcons or other birds can slot above a folded-down seat in a range of Airbus or Boeing aircraft.

Falconry is a popular pastime in the Middle East, where it has been practised for thousands of years, and Lufthansa Technik said it had developed the Falcon Master with help from falconry specialists in the region.

The platform comprises a stainless steel surface for easy cleaning, with sides to protect the rest of the plane from any waste and dirt created by the bird.

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Sustainability at 35,000 Feet: A Look at Business Aviation and Climate Change

Access, flexibility and specific use requirements make the case for business aviation. But at what cost? It takes a lot of fossil fuel to power a global aviation system. Even if general and business aviation is a small subset of the global industry, its carbon footprint is not insignificant.

A Look at Business Aviation and Climate Change

Figuring carbon emissions from an airplane is essentially a function of determining how much fuel is consumed from engine start to engine shutdown. But unlike earth-bound modes of transportation, airplanes don’t consume fuel on a linear scale to distance traveled. The rate of fuel burn depends its stage of flight: the land and takeoff cycle (LTO), considered all operation below 3,000 feet, and the cruise, climb and descent cycle (CCD) or operation above 3,000 feet.

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Now Closed, CitationAir Surrenders Certificate to FAA

The ranks of major fractional-share operations officially thinned late last week, when the FAA reported that the Part 135 certificate for CitationShares Management LLC, dba CitationAir, has been removed from its National Vital Information Subsystem database after surrender on November 6. Flight operations ended on October 31, but the company had already begun winding down, having stopped selling fractional shares and halting all contract renewals in 2012.

Now Closed, CitationAir Surrenders Certificate to FAA

Now Closed, CitationAir Surrenders Certificate to FAA

Though the fractional provider was launched by Cessna as CitationShares in 2000, its Part 135 certificate was not issued until March 22, 2004, according to FAA records. In 2009 it was rebranded as CitationAir, changing its business model and streamlining products.

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Bombardier Delivers Challenger 605, Boutsen Design wins G650 contract, First Ever Falcon 7X C-Check

December 13th, 2014

Bombardier Delivers Challenger 605 delivered to Turkish Charter Company

Bombardier Business Aircraft has delivered a Challenger 605 to MNG Jet, a Turkish aircraft management and charter company.

Bombardier Business Aircraft has delivered a Challenger 605 to MNG Jet

Bombardier delivers Challenger 605 to MNG Jet

Khader Mattar, Regional Vice President, Sales, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Bombardier Business Aircraft said: “We are thrilled to add another Challenger 605 business jet to our current fleet of aircraft in Turkey. The Challenger family of aircraft is very popular in the Middle East and account for over 60 per cent of Bombardier’s deliveries in the region.”

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Boutsen Design has won a contract to equip a brand new Gulfstream G650 with tableware and other accessories, including bed and bath linen.

Boutsen Design has won a contract to equip a brand new Gulfstream G650 with tableware and other accessories

Boutsen Design wins Gulfstream G650 contract

Boutsen Design plans to source many of the items from Venetian fashion house Bottega Venta.

The company has recently had a number of successful deals which adds that final touch of class to business jets such as an Airbus A340, A320 and BBJ1.

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A Dassault Falcon operator has asked Jet Aviation Basel to perform the world’s first ever due C-check on a Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft.

Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft

The aircraft is at the Jet Aviation Basel maintenance centre. Some 8,500 man-hours have been allocated to the C-check. The aircraft will be redelivered in mid-February.

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JetOptions can charter a jet for you to and or all of these top-places-to-travel picks from Travel and Leisure. Ed.

Presenting 50 incredible destinations for 2015. Where will you go this year?

“Fez is multilayered, multifaceted,” says resident Tara Stevens. “Every time I go out the front door, I discover something. This is a city on the cusp of change—and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Stevens, a British food writer, and American Stephen Di Renza are behind Fez’s stylish Restaurant No. 7, which hosts a rotating series of guest chefs. They’re part of a group of expats restoring riads and encouraging experimentation—along with enterprising locals like Anis Sefrioui, who recently unveiled Hotel Sahrai, with 50 contemporary rooms overlooking an infinity pool and a light-filled spa with elaborate latticework.

The world is getting smaller, but the chances of having an extraordinary new experience are only increasing. We’ve identified 50 standout destinations, based on industry news and trends, with input from contributing writers, A-List travel agents, and our new local experts. These are the places changing the travel map, whether it’s an emerging arts hub in Germany or a quiet stretch of sand in the Caribbean.

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MEBA: Gama Aviation and Hangar8 Merge, Emirates considers expanding Executive offering, Gulfstream G280 and G650 Wing Works

December 12th, 2014

Emirates says it will decide in 2015 whether to expand its Emirates Executive offering with further aircraft, one year after launching the high-end charter service with a single Airbus A319.

Emirates Executive Airbus ACJ319

Emirates Executive Airbus ACJ319

The Dubai-based carrier is making its debut on the MEBA static display, exhibiting the narrow body, which includes 10 suites – an enhancement of the airline’s first class product – with a forward lounge and dining area, and a shower and spa at the rear

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The founder of Gama Aviation says its merger with UK rival Hangar8 – announced as day one of MEBA came to an end – is part of a necessary consolidation in the industry that will produce a stronger player with a growing global footprint.

Hangar8 aircraft

Hangar8 aircraft

Marwan Khalek will remain as group chief executive of the combined company, which will adopt the Farnborough-based Gama Aviation name. His counterpart at Hangar8, Dustin Dryden, will become executive director.

Gama Aviation Global 5000

Gama Aviation Global 5000

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Spirit AeroSystems has reached an agreement to transfer the Gulfstream wing work packages at its facility in Tulsa, Okla., to Pennsylvania-based aerospace components provider, Triumph Group. The transfer includes both the G650 and G280 wing programs and allows Spirit to make a cash payment to Triumph in the amount of $160 million, an estimated loss of more than $205 million for the company.

Spirit transfers to Triumph Gulfstream G280 wing works

Spirit transfers to Triumph Gulfstream G280 wing works

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EASA Certifies Piaggio Avanti EVO, Bombardier Welcomes New Authorized Service Facility In Saudi Arabia

December 11th, 2014

Royal Jet is expanding its charter and managed fleet of business aircraft as 2015 nears.

The Abu Dhabi-headquartered company has taken delivery of two aircraft this quarter: a Bombardier Global 5000 and a Learjet 60XR joined its fleet in October and November, respectively. Additionally, two more aircraft – the same models as the ones that have arrived in this quarter – are expected for delivery within the first four months of 2015. Both orders are part of an expansion program that will see the company’s fleet increase from the current 11 to 20 aircraft by 2020 – an investment totaled at $700 million.

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FAA Certification Expected Soon

EASA has certified the Piaggio Aerospace Avanti EVO after an extensive development and test program carried out under the supervision of the Italian National Civil Aviation Agency, ENAC, on behalf of EASA. US certification from the FAA is expected within the next few weeks as well as the Indian Certification as the first two Avanti EVO aircraft will be delivered to Indian customers.

EASA Certifies Piaggio Avanti EVO

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Will Help Formulate Strategy For The Company As It Moves To Manufacture A Supersonic Business Jet

Aoife O’Sullivan, a London-based partner at international law firm Kennedys, has been named to the Board of Directors of Aerion Corporation. O’Sullivan will participate in strategy formulation and the overall governance of the company as its AS2 supersonic business jet program gathers momentum.

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

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Arabasco Will Perform Line Maintenance For Bombardier Challenger 605 Aircraft Models

Bombardier Business Aircraft has announced the recent addition of Arabasco as an Authorized Service Facility (ASF) for Bombardier Challenger 605 aircraft customers based in or flying to Saudi Arabia.

Bombardier Welcomes New Authorized Service Facility for Challenger 605

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MEBA: Dassault showcases 5X mock-up, Embraer displays business jet trio: Phenom 300, the Legacy 650 and the Lineage 1000E

December 10th, 2014

Royal Jet  confirmed a new Bombardier Learjet 60 XR business jet (A6-RJE) and a Bombardier Global 5000 business jet (A6-RJC) recently joined its fleet in October and November respectively.

Royal Jet adds Global 5000 Bombardier delivers another Learjet 60XR

A second Bombardier Global 5000 business jet (A6-RJD) will enter into service in January 2015, which will be followed by a second Bombardier Learjet 60 XR business jet within the first four months of 2015. During Middle East Business Aviation 2014 (MEBA), Royal Jet also confirmed that it is renewing its collaboration with Boeing and will take delivery of two new Boeing business jets.

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Embraer is out in force at MEBA with three of its best-selling business jets in the region – the Phenom 300, the Legacy 650 and the Lineage 1000E – and announced its intention to deliver the first Legacy 500 to a Middle Eastern customer before the end of the month.“The Middle East is a very important market for us,” says Embraer president and chief executive Marco Tulio Pellegrini. “We delivered our first aircraft [a Legacy 600] here in 2002 and now the fleet totals 33 – 20 Legacy 600s, ten Lineage 1000/EJet shuttles, which represents 40% of the world’s Lineage fleet, and three Phenom 300s.”

Embraer Lineage 1000 on display at MEBA

Embraer also issued its latest forecast at the show…

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Emirates says it will decide in 2015 whether to expand its Emirates Executive offering with further aircraft, one year after launching the high-end charter service with a single Airbus ACJ319.

Airbus ACJ319

The Dubai-based carrier is making its debut on the MEBA static display, exhibiting the narrowbody, which includes 10 suites – an enhancement of the airline’s first class product – with a forward lounge and dining area, and a shower and spa at the rear.

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Dassault is showcasing 5X cabin mock-up for the first time in the Middle East, which is home to one in five orders for the large-cabin, long-range business jet.

The French airframer launched the 5,200nm (9,630km) twinjet a year ago and has already attracted significant orders from the region for the newest addition to its Falcon family.

Dassault showcases 5X mock-up

“The Middle East currently represents 20% of 5X sales,” says Dassault senior vice-president civil aircraft, Olivier Villa.

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First BBJ order for Comlux

BBJ MAX 8s will receive custom interiors at Comlux America

Boeing Business Jets today announced an order for two BBJ MAX 8s to Comlux, a Swiss-based VIP charter operator. This marks Comlux’s first BBJ order.

“The two BBJ MAX 8s are a great addition to the Comlux fleet because they give our customers the flexibility to fly farther and more comfortably thanks to the lower cabin altitude,” said Richard Gaona, President and CEO, Comlux, The Aviation Group. “The long-range capability of the BBJ MAX 8 is critical to all of our customers, but especially our Middle East customers who often use Comlux aircraft for long-haul flights.”

Boeing Business Jets, Comlux Announce Order for Two BBJ MAX 8s

The two BBJ MAX 8s will be outfitted with custom interiors at Comlux America, a certified BBJ completion center.

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Ask the Captain: Is a Gulfstream smoother than a big jet? This Epic Private Jet Tour Does New Year’s Eve Twice In 24 Hours

December 9th, 2014

Question: What gives you a smoother ride, a business jet like a Gulfstream/Learjet or a larger passenger jet?

— Submitted by reader Garry Terrell, Cincinnati

Answer: The ride is often the result of wing loading, but the mass of the airplane can affect it, too. Airplanes such as the Gulfstream have a very smooth ride, while the 747 or A380 enjoy the benefits of much greater mass, which dampens turbulence.

Some business jets will be smoother than some airliners, but the smoothest ride will normally be the larger A380 or B747.

Q: Do certain aircraft handle air turbulence better than others?

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Even if you ring 2015 somewhere super awesome, there’s always going to be that lingering tinge of disappointment when the last confetti bit falls.

Unless you’re on a private jet tour, that is.

A plane service is offering a whirlwind tour for New Year’s Eve 2014, allowing passengers to celebrate the evening twice in two of the world’s major cities.

Passengers will start in Sydney, Australia, where they’ll party from 8 p.m. on December 31 until just after 1 a.m. on January 1. Then, they’ll board a Gulfstream jet for the approximately 13-hour flight to Los Angeles, where they’ll touch down at (gasp!) just past 8 p.m. on December 31, 2014 to do it all. over. again.

This Epic Jet Tour Does New Years Eve Twice In 24 Hours Dassault Falcon 2000 JetOptions

The plane — which fits you and 14 of your closest pals — features a sound system, catering and wine to keep you fueled for two New Year’s celebrations. Pricing starts at about $14,000 per person. If interested, you can call JetOptions for the same private jet offering – Ed.

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Eastern Europe drags down European flight recovery, Nextant 400XTi operations, Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

December 8th, 2014

Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

These small, affordable travel gifts are sure to be big hits.

When it comes to travel, bigger isn’t always better. The most ingenious gifts often come in the lightest packages, making it easier to meet TSA liquid restrictions and new carry-on-bag limits while also freeing travelers to be spontaneous.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a shopping list of stocking stuffers fit for road warriors, stylish jet-setters, armchair explorers, and everyone in between—starting at $5.

Our favorite pint-size products include innovations like removable smartphone lenses and a handy way to organize the myriad cords that come with all those necessary gadgets.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Travelers: W&P Carry-On Cocktail Kit

W&P Carry-On Cocktail Kit

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Share has become a go-to word for travelers lately. We share our selfies, our vacation videos, and our status updates. But we’re also increasingly sharing our homes, our cars, and our tables, thanks to companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and EatWith.

So for the 2014 holiday season, we’ve focused on ways for you to share the joy of travel with the special people in your life. Our favorite gifts help capture memories, inspire adventures, and make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Take Mimeo’s cashmere touch screen gloves, an indulgence for the on-the-go Instagrammer, or a new line of fashion-forward compression socks.

Best Gift Ideas for Travelers: Logitech Keys-to-Go

Logitech Keys-to-Go

Some gifts will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips. Lomography’s affordable new camera, for instance, combines the arty fun of phone filters with the gratification of instant prints. Of course the best gift would be a trip on a private jet from JetOptions- Ed.

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In the time that it takes you to read this sentence more than 250 people will have moved to a city for the first time. There has never been a time in history when so many people live in cities. The United Nations estimates that 3.2 billion people live in cities; by 2030, it forecasts that it will be 5 billion people. That means that three out of every five people will live in cities, compared to less than 3 per cent in 1800.

The other effect of urbanization is the growth in megacities – cities with a population of more than 10 million people. In 1950 the world had two: New York and Tokyo. Now there are 33 megacities.

But what does this mean for business aviation? One theory is that megacities could be bad for business jet sales. One of the key benefits of business aviation is the ability to fly to undeserved airports. Airlines connect megacities, because the main growth in megacities is happening in Asia. This means they are also served by good airlines (at the end of 2013, eight of the 10 largest megacities were in Asia – including all of the top six places. China, alone, had three.)

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Flight activity in Europe has started to slow down, with flights to and from Eastern Europe and Russia taking the biggest hits.

WINGX Advance’s update from November 2014 shows that there were 57,730 business aviation flights in Europe, representing a 0.9 per cent year-on-year decline over the flights during November 2013.

Ultra-long-range jet sector up 10-percent

Ultra-long-range jet sector up 10-percent

“In Western Europe, business aviation activity is still edging back up this year, though this month’s data indicates this owes more to turboprop and piston activity, with business jet activity still languishing, said Richard Koe, managing director of WINGX Advance. “In the broader European market, steep declines in Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey have stalled overall growth. Where there is still YOY increase in jet activity, it’s in the familiar VLJ and ULR jet segments.”

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SaxonAir, the UK sales representative for Nextant Aerospace, has began Nextant 400XTi commercial operations from its base in Norwich.

The aircraft was delivered recently and is available for immediate charter. This is the first 400XTi model in Europe and is operated alongside six of the 400XT variants based in Europe. It is also the first Nextant to be operated in the UK.

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Moog Supplying Flight Control Systems For G500, G600, Jet Aviation to service India-registered Falcon jets

December 5th, 2014

Includes Flight Control Computers, Software, Pilot Interfaces, Other Components

Moog Inc. Aircraft Group had been selected by Gulfstream Aerospace as the supplier of the high lift system and the pilot directional control system for the Gulfstream G500 and G600 business jets.

Moog Supplying Flight Control Systems For Gulfstream G500, G600

The high lift system includes flight control computers and software, pilot interfaces, flap actuation, power drive, transmission components and accessories. The pilot directional control system includes rudder pedals, sensors and linkages. Moog will also provide the integration and certification support of these systems for both aircraft.

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Jet Aviation Basel recently received CAR-145 approval from the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India to provide full maintenance services to Indian-registered Dassault Falcon 7X, Falcon 900 (series) and Falcon 2000 (series) aircraft.

Jet Aviation Basel gains DGCA approval from India for Dassault Falcon 7X, Falcon 900 series and Falcon 2000

With this regulatory approval, Jet Aviation Basel is authorized to perform line and base maintenance on Falcon 7X, Falcon 900 series and Falcon 2000 series aircraft that are registered in India.

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TRU Simulation + Training To Support Cessna And Beechcraft Airplanes

TRU Simulation + Training has announced plans to establish a new maintenance training facility for current model Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft. The facility will be located on the Textron Aviation Mid-Continent campus in Wichita, KS.

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BizJet Inks Supplier Agreement with Gulfstream, Swelling Falcon Fleet Prompts New Dassault MRO Facility

December 4th, 2014

BizJet International Sales and Support has signed a supplier agreement for engine maintenance services with Gulfstream Aerospace.

The three-year agreement will provide Gulfstream with options for quality engine maintenance and customer support for the Gulfstream GII, GIII, GIV, G350 and G450 aircraft worldwide.

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To service a growing fleet, Dassault Falcon Service has announced plans to build a heavy Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in southwestern France. The nearly 24,000-foot facility is capable of accommodating six aircraft and will be built adjacent to the Dassault Aviation manufacturing plant. It aims to serve Falcon 5X, 7X and 8X large cabin aircraft.

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The third meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) Task Force on Risks to Civil Aviation arising from Conflict Zones (TF-RCZ), established following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17, arrived at a what the organization describes as a successful conclusion.

At the final meeting, ICAO proposed and adopted a work program designed to keep passengers safe from conflict zone risks wherever they fly and regardless of their airline of choice. The program will now be packaged for assessment by a wider cross-section of ICAO’s 191 member states during the United Nations agency’s High-level Safety Conference slated for February 2015.

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Avoid the biggest frustrations for air travelers by chartering a private aircraft from JetOptions, Global XRS and G550 added to JetOptions charter network

December 3rd, 2014

Stat: Airlines’ Business Decisions Make Travelers Most Frustrated

“Avoid the biggest frustrations for air travelers by chartering aircraft from JetOptions. When chartering a private aircraft through JetOptions, you will not pay extra for luggage or food, you will have plenty of seat comfort and leg room, the aircraft departs when you are ready so you don’t have to worry about delays or layovers, and you don’t have to go through those inconvenient and long airport security processes.”- Gus Lira, JetOptions

A recent survey conducted by AAA Travel revealed that when it comes to travelers’ greatest preoccupations, business decisions made by airlines, ranked at the top of the list. The breakdown of air travel frustrations is as follows: added fees (27 percent), lack of leg room on planes (27 percent), flight delays and layovers (15 percent) and the airport security process (12 percent).

Biggest Frustrations for Air Travelers Avoided by Chartering from JetOptions

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JetOptions has access to another Gulfstream G550 aircraft available for charter

Our charter network has added a thirteen-passenger 2010 Gulfstream G550 to add to our diverse and growing luxury jet charter fleet availability. This leader of its class Gulfstream G550 boasts a host of modern amenities, including complimentary domestic Wi-Fi and available international Wi-Fi, as well as a Satcom in-flight phone system and comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to six passengers. TW

Gulfstream G550 added to network of available aircraft ext photo Gulfstream G550 added to network of available aircraft interior cabin photo

Contact JetOptions if you would like to charter this Gulfstream G550 corporate jet.

Business Aviation organization, Central European Private Aviation (CEPA), has made history by becoming the only aviation body to hold its conference in the historic Prague Castle, located in the heart of the city.

The 5th Annual CEPA Expo was held on 19th‐20th November and hosted key industry figures from across the globe as well as local, senior government officials. The aim of the congress was to build bridges between East and Western Europe and to help shape the future of business aviation. The event was being held at Prague Castle for the first time after the organizers chose the venue to reflect the status that the event has gained since its inception in 2010.

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Another Global Express XRS has been added to JetOptions list of available charter aircraft

JetOptions charter network member announced the addition of a 2007 Global Express XRS business jet. This state of the art Bombardier business jet will be dedicated for private charter worldwide.

Global XRS has been added to JetOptions list of available charter aircraft exterior photo Global XRS has been added to JetOptions list of available charter aircraft interior cabin photo 1

Global XRS has been added to JetOptions list of available charter aircraft interior cabin photo 2 Global XRS has been added to JetOptions list of available charter aircraft interior cabin photo 3

This 14 passenger heavy jet features the finest in leather seating and cabin appointments for the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Multiple large flat-screen cabin monitors access Airshow moving map displays, exterior cameras and the onboard entertainment library. High-speed world-wide internet and multiple Satcom phones ensure that you can maximize your productivity when traveling to any part of the world. Amenities also include the full-service forward galley, two enclosed lavatories and aft stateroom. Up to six passengers can sleep in fully berthed sleeping accommodations. The 6,000 mile range and BMW Rolls BR 710 Series engine make the Global XRS a world leader in modern charter jets. AAM

Contact JetOptions if you would like to charter this luxurious Bombardier Global Express XRS corporate jet.

Airbus Trims Dassault Aviation Stake, Grey Charter and Business Aircraft Operators Surge in Middle East

December 2nd, 2014

The perennial issue of illegal or grey charter continues to infuriate established commercial operators around the Middle East.This practice – defined as when a private aircraft owner/ operator takes money for flying people when that owner and/or operator has no legal right to do so – is more active in the Middle East than in other parts of the world. Some estimates put the tally at between 20% and 40% of business aircraft flights at any given time, depending on the time of the year.

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Airbus Trims Dassault Aviation Stake

Airbus Sold $990 Million in Dassault Shares

Airbus Group said it sold €794 million ($989 million) of shares in Dassault Aviation back to the French defense and private jet manufacturer and has plans to further decrease its stake by mid-2015.

Airbus ACJ318 at NBAA 2014 - JetOptions

The transaction, along with plans by Dassault to cancel 9% of treasury shares, means that Airbus has effectively cut its stake in Dassault to 42% from 46%.

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In the dusty expanse of what may one day be the world’s biggest aviation gateway, the fixed-base operation of DC Aviation Al-Futtaim stands in virtual splendid isolation next to the runway. The joint venture between the German charter operator and local conglomerate is one of just a handful of buildings at Dubai’s new Al Maktoum airport. Beyond it, to the horizon, the envisioned Dubai World Central mega-development that will envelop the airport remains scrubby, flat desert.

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The widely held belief is that the Middle East has a thriving business aviation sector largely kept aloft by vastly wealthy individuals and corporations who are almost entirely immune to wider economic woes. After all, petrodollars continue to gush out despite the fall in the price of crude oil.

Of course, that is an overly simplistic analysis of the regional trends in business aviation. It may be home to the largest concentration of VIP airliners on the planet, but that does not mean the Middle East exists in glorious, moneyed isolation.

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